What's Happening in RE?

Holocaust Memorial Day

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, we remembered people who have been lost and those who were not treated fairly. The theme for this year was “Ordinary people.” We considered how ordinary people like us can make a huge difference to the lives of others by being kind and brave, standing up for others and helping those that need us. The children were set a competition to draw and describe an ordinary person who has made a big difference in their life. Here are some of the responses.

“My mum works hard for other people so we can have a nice life.”

“I chose Marcus Rashford because he helped give families extra money for food.”

“My Great Grandad loves us and gives us pocket money so we can buy nice things.”

“Soldiers who fought in the war were very brave for our country.”

Year Churches

Year 1 children have been learning to identify the key features of inside and outside a church and understand why a church is a special place for Christians.

Y2 - Hinduism

Y2 have been studying Hinduism. As part of their unit of work, the took part in some drama sessions which recreated a range of the stories from the Hindu religion.


Y4 - The Bible

In RE, Y4 have been studying the Bible. As part of the unit of work, they studied a range of Bible passages and discussed the meaning behind them as a group.