PE & Sports Funding

Below is a breakdown of how the allocation of the PE and Sports funding is allocated for the academic year 2019 - 2020.

  • PE and Sport Funding 2019/20 - Total £19460
  • September 2019 to April 2020 - Allocation £11352
  • April 2020 to September 2020 - Allocation £8108






Sports Development

Organise and run interschool competitions and sporting events

Increased amount of competitive activity for pupils in a wide range of sports

Pupils involved in competitive activity builds confidence and desire to continue and further pursue sporting participation.



Hiring specialist sports coaches  

(lessons & clubs)

Lead/work alongside teachers in lessons:–

Update teacher skills with clear improvement to teacher confidence  and greater depth of teacher skill

New ideas introduced and implemented in planning

Lead extra-curricular  school clubs therefore extended sporting experiences

Expertise of coaches

Pupils enjoy a wide range of activities

Healthy active lifestyles encouraged

Pathway into local clubs in school community

Extended curriculum opportunities for large numbers of children

Opportunities to experience different sporting activities

Exposure to expert tuition leads to a greater improvement in skill and confidence thus encouraging the desire to continue with the sport.


Enhanced teacher skills and confidence are embedded in practice ensuring that the heightened curriculum is sustained.


Improved pupil skills and confidence encourages greater participation in sport both inside and outside of school.



Staff Cover


Staff are provided with cover so that they are able to attend training in PE activities and less familiar sports, and in the effective methodology for teaching them.

In addition, specialist PE staff can be freed to accompany teams of children to take part in a range of tournaments, and their presence ensures that the children derive the maximum personal benefit and sporting development from being fully engaged, motivated and invested in the sports and competitions for which they have been selected.


Staff gain a broader range of new skills, and their current skills are further honed and improved, so that they are able to continue to teach PE more effectively than before as their careers progress, thus further improving outcomes and engagement levels for children.

Children attending tournaments gain greater benefit from the direction of specialist staff, who can ensure their focus is total. Thus their experiences of competitive sport are maximised, and their repeated participation in competitive team events further develops an important range of team-play skills and positive personal attitudes.



Extra Swimming

(Summer Term)

Raise attainment in swimming to meet requirements of the National Curriculum before the end of key stage 2


Improved attainment and water confidence thus fostering a love of swimming and a desire to continue its pursuit.



Transport to competitive events

Increased participation in the School Games

Transport to extra swimming sessions

Buses facilitate attendance of pupils at a variety of competitions and sporting events.  Involvement of pupils in competitive activity builds confidence and desire to continue and further pursue sporting participation.





This was allocated prior to “Covid 19” for coaches and equipment in Summer Term but was not used.

New equipment will be purchased in the Autumn Term.


The national curriculum requirement to:

swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres


use a range of strokes effectively

perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations



  56/60 pupils July 2020


93 % of pupils met National Curriculum swimming requirements


Sports Premium

PE Sports Premium Funding July 2022