School Menu

Hartlepool Borough Council (Catering Services) are a wellestablished service that has provided school lunches across the town for many years.

We currently work with around 30 schools in the primary and secondary sector and serve approximately one million meals each year. As the local authority provider, we have a genuine interest in the overall success of Hartlepool’s schools and the wellbeing of the town’s children.

Our aim is to always ensure that our catering service provides food that the pupils will enjoy, that our meals offer value for money to parents and we meet all of the expectations of our schools.

Within this pack you will find a copy of our 3 week menu with the dates each meal will be served. Our menus usually change twice a year and you can also find these details on the Hartlepool Borough Council Website. All meals are freshly prepared in school each morning and meet the rigorous School Food guidelines set out by the Government The cost of a School Meal from 4th September 2022 will be £11.15 per week (£2.23 each day). From the 1st April 2023 the cost of a school meal will then change to £2.41 per day and a weekly cost of £12.05

If your child doesn't already stay for a school meal, September would be the ideal time to encourage them to try it, they might be surprised by the quality and variety of the food items we will have on offer.

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