Knowledge Organisers - what are they and how can they be used at home?



Dear Parents and Carers,


We are continuing our implementation of an idea in school to help us develop our children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Each half term, your child will bring home a booklet of Knowledge Organisers from across their curriculum. These documents contain a range of essential knowledge that your child will be learning as part of the topics they will be focusing upon in class.


Here are some suggestions to help you to support your child with their learning:


  • Children read the information at regular points throughout the half term (ideally with an adult).
  • Discuss the information together, focussing on your child reading and understanding the information contained.
  • Revisit the document regularly over the half term and ask your child what else they have learnt in class that expands upon the facts in the Knowledge Organiser.
  • Discuss the new vocabulary on the Knowledge Organiser and model using these words in a sentence, or discuss definitions to help your child develop their understanding of these new words.
  • Help your child to develop their understanding of their topics by visiting the library to borrow some information books (library staff will be able to help you to locate relevant books); research on the internet with adult support and supervision.


We are confident that these Knowledge Organisers will help our children to develop knowledge on a wide range of topics and will significantly improve their vocabulary and understanding. This will then help them to be more confident in class and help to develop their reading and writing skills across the curriculum. All Knowledge Organisers will also be uploaded on the school website and shared via eSchools, so they can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer. Thank you for your continued support as partners in your child’s learning and success in school.


Please visit each year group page to download the knowledge organisers for each half-term's curriculum coverage.