Welcome to Fens Primary School

Fens School is a high performing primary school which strives relentlessly for the highest standards of achievement, both academically and personally.


Many years of proven success have not allowed us to become complacent, and we work constantly to develop the quality of our provision even further in order to benefit the children of the community we serve. Whilst we are passionate about learning and unwavering in our resolve to generate high expectations for every member of the school community, we are also compassionate about all our people, providing appropriately focussed support in a safe, secure and orderly environment, which is, in addition, hugely purposeful, positive, vibrant and happy.

At Fens we really do value the relationship between home and school, and we welcome all communications, be they concerns, thanks and compliments, suggestions or any other issues. Our ‘open door’ policy continues to thrive and is much appreciated by parents and carers. Please feel welcome to visit us, both remotely through our website, and in person, and help us to make your association with Fens Primary School a continually positive, productive and memorable one.

Thank you,

Mr C. Connor (Headteacher)