Arts Award

Arts Award Explore is an Entry Level (Entry 3) qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is designed for ages 7 and above.


To achieve an Arts Award Explore, children and young people collect evidence in an individual arts log of their experiences of:

  • active participation in a range of arts activities, including a personal response about what they have learnt from taking part
  • experience of arts organisations, artists and their work
  • creating a piece of art work
  • identification of what they have enjoyed and/or achieved, and their communication of this to others ​


In Fens Primary, children from Year 5 are given an opportunity to participate in Arts Award. The children have had experience in creative writing, water colours, dancing, singing, photography and sewing. The children then looked at the artist Kandinsky and created art work based on feelings and emotions. We visited Hartlepool Art Gallery and took part in portraiture art. The children then created their own piece of art work and presented this at home or in school. 


Clay Modelling

As part of their portfolio of work towards achieving their 'Arts Award', children have been creating clay models and sculptures.


To achieve the arts award, children have to explore a wide range of the arts. This week the arts club have been exploring dance.

Arts Award

As part of their portfolio of work towards achieving their Arts Award', the children have created pieces of art that depict silhouetted features during sunset.

Arts Award Portfolio

As part of their portfolio of work towards achieving their arts award, children have been using their sewing skills to create pieces of art.


Year 1 children have been studying the artist Kandinsky. We have been learning to colour mix and create our own Kandinsky circles. We discussed warm and cold colours to create different moods and feelings.

Final Projects


Art Club

Expressive Art and Design in the Early Years

The children in Reception love experimenting with a range of different materials. We explore the different techniques and methods that we can use to apply media such as chalk, paint, pencil and pastel. We enjoy getting our hands dirty while we use clay, modroc and papier mâché to create different models and structures!

Christmas Fair

For this year's Christmas Fair, children across the school created pieces of art to sell, to raise funds for the school. All money raised will be used to fund further art projects.