What's happening in History?

Nancy Wake

Children in Year 6 completed a Commando Joe's Mission which was aimed at teaching them about the life of Nancy Wake. Nancy Wake saved many lives during World War 2 when she worked with the French Resistance.

Grace Darling

Children in Year 2 learnt all about how Grace Darling rescued a group of survivors from a shipwreck. The Bousfield Learning Suite allowed them to be fully immersed in their learning.

Great Fire of London

Children in Year 2 completed a commando Joe's Mission as part of their unit on learning about the Great Fire of London. In this activity, children are learning how the firemen worked together to try and tackle the fire.


Year 5 children have been learning about the Egyptian ritual of mummification. They have looked at the order of each step and why it was significant to Egyptians. Children then completed the process of mummification with a tomato. We can’t wait to see the results!