Maths Ambassadors

We are proud to present our Maths Ambassadors. These children were selected by their class teacher to represent school due to their passion for maths and dedication to their learning. These children will be working hard to think of ways in which we can further improve our maths curriculum in school.

Maths Week 2023!

Wow! Maths Week 2023 was a huge success! Our theme of the week ‘Maths in the Movies’ did not disappoint and there was a real buzz of excitement across the entire week. Each year group selected a movie as the focus of their maths learning and then completed a huge range of different activities and challenges from measuring minions, constructing Eiffel towers, designing tessellating fish to measuring potions and designing packaging for Willy Wonker! It is safe to say that all children really enjoyed their learning and were inspired by each and every task.

As well as completing lots of practical maths activities in the classrooms, the children also enjoyed inviting their parents/ carers into school to take part in our very first Fens Games Sessions. We were truly blown away by the response to these events and welcomed over 250 adults into school to play a variety of different maths games. The feedback was wonderful and it was lovely to see so many people enjoying and getting quite competitive whilst practising key maths skills.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the children also wowed the staff and Maths Ambassadors with their amazing entries for our home learning challenges! Children were asked to create a project showing an element of maths in the movie Up. Children were extremely creative and the entries were truly spectacular! The Maths Ambassadors had a huge challenge in trying to decide on the winners as every single entry was created with such great thought and care. Well done everyone!

All in all the week was a huge success and we cannot wait for the next maths week.

Maths Investigation

Children in Y6 thoroughly enjoy taking part in the whole school monthly maths investigation. It is an opportunity to develop their problem-solving and communication skills.

Bonkers for Conkers

Fens Primary School went Bonkers for Conkers in October! The children were challenged to get out and about with their grown-ups and collect as many conkers as they could. We started with a 30 litre container but quickly realized this would not be enough for our eager conker collectors!

We managed to collect not one, not two, not three, not four but five huge containers full of conkers!

The children were then challenged to estimate how many conkers we had collected.

We were blown away when we calculated our total weight and realized that our enormous collection weighed over 28 stone! Wow!

Maths Week

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the week and it was wonderful to see and hear a buzz of enthusiastic learners as our children put their Maths skills to the test! Throughout the week, the children used a range of concrete objects and manipulatives to solve puzzles and problems and enjoyed learning about celebrities who rely on Maths to complete their jobs. Have you ever really considered just how much Joe Wicks needs numbers to create a workout routine?

As well as completing lots of practical maths activities in the classrooms, the children also enjoyed visiting the Bousefield Learning Suite and Nursery garden to work in teams to complete some puzzles. The children in EYFS were challenged to construct sturdy bridges for the three Billy Goats to use to cross the river in order to avoid the troll. KS1 children completed scavenger hunts around the nursery garden, looking for puzzles to solve. In Years 3 and 4, the children applied their reasoning skills in order to discover the true pirate captain whilst Years 5 and 6 became detectives to solve the mystery of the snaffled scarecrow!

If all of that wasn’t enough, the children also wowed the staff with their amazing entries for our home learning challenges. In KS1, children were set the challenge of taking a photograph which showed as much Maths as possible. We were blown away by the entries, with children sending in photographs of their toys, kitchens, streets and even a castle- all of which included a huge variety of examples of maths in the real world. In KS2, children were asked to create their own song, rap or poem to help learn a times table of their choice. The songs that the children produced were fantastic and we are sure Simon Cowell would be very impressed and ready to hand over a record deal to several children!

All in all the week was a huge success.


STEM Lecture

A group of children from Y6 attended a STEM lecture at High Tunstall College of Science. They found it very interesting and inspiring for future studies.