Bousfield Learning Suite

Inspirational Introductions in the Bousfield Learning Suite

From Nursery to Year 6 our children use the interactive suite. Our staff plan inspirational introductions to their narrative and non-narrative unit in order to hook the children into the text. Children experience sounds and images from the text and really feel immersed in the topic.

What our children say:

'We go in the story room to see our story on the wall. Mrs Keen said we can write on the wall.'


'I like to go in The Bousfield Suite becasue it's my favourite place for stories.'


'We saw Jack in the Beanstalk and we wrote on the walls'.

Year 1

'Pictures from a story come on the wall and you can explore. It is fun!'

Year 2

'In our story book of 'Goodnight Mister Tom' we explored the village Little Werewold. This was a really good help to help us write our own description.' 'It's really good fun in the classroom.'

Year 5