Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted to introduce you to eSchools!

eSchools is our new online learning platform. We will be using it to set your child's weekly homework and it is how we will conduct our home learning should the need arise.

Please click the link below to view a letter, detailing how your child can log into their personal eSchools account.

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Please remember to be completing daily Reading Plus sessions; not only will this continue to develop your reading skills, but there are a range of cross curricular texts that can develop your understanding ready for secondary school. 


Espresso - Updated 06/07/2020 

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Username: student7521

Password:  fenspri

Espresso Suggestions **New This Week**

  • Science: Beyond Planet Earth - Inspired by last week's SPACE X shuttle launch, we would like you to take a tour of the universe through this Espresso module. You could use recycled materials to make your own space shuttle, moon buggy or space station. Then create a front page for a newspaper. Use your creativity to share any information you learn about the universe and the SPACE X mission. Enjoy!

Newsround Story on SPACE X Launch:

  • History: Mayan Civilization - Refresh your learning around the Mayans. You could complete a history fact file to teach a family member. Enjoy creating some Mayan artwork. Why not write a Newspaper article about a key event from Mayan times? Design a Mayan Timeline to help you teach others. Work through the learning module on Espresso and get your creativity flowing!

  • PE: Activity Challenge - see if you can keep active throughout the week using these activity challenges.

  • Art & Design: Meet artists and see how a local landscape can inspire their work. An ideal source of inspiration for artwork based on our local area. Let your creativity run wild!

  • Geography: Rivers - explore the module and complete the activities. You could then complete further research on famous rivers from around the world. Find them on a map. Sketch landmarks that can be found near them. Create a PowerPoint or poster to teach a family member.

  • Science: Electricity - work your way through the module. Enjoy the videos. Teach a family member. Create a report/ presentation/ poster/ sketch that helps you explain what you have learned.

  •  Computing: E-safety - enjoy working through the module. Challenge yourself with the activities. Teach an adult how to stay safe online (think how many people in the world will be using the internet to communicate at this time). Present your learning to a family member however you like.


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