EYFS Home Learning


 A Message for Nursery
Hello Nursery, 
We are Mrs Martin, Miss Metcalf and Mrs Musgrove and we can't wait to see you all after the summer! We are really looking forward to welcoming some of you back into Nursery in September and also having lots of new friends join us over the course of the year. 
In Nursery, we work in teams with our key person to complete lots of exciting jobs and learn new things. Mrs Martin will be working with green stars, Miss Metcalf with blue stars and Mrs Musgrove with red stars. We just love to explore, play and go on adventures in Nursery. We all love to read stories and use our imaginations, pretending to be doctors, teachers, farmers, princesses and even superheroes! 
We can't wait to show you around our beautiful classroom, where we have lots of fantastic toys, creative areas to paint and create masterpieces and construction areas where we can build and explore.  We are very lucky to have a wonderful outdoor area with our very own tree house, mud kitchen and even a big wavey slide! 
We know some of you might be a little bit nervous about coming into nursery but we will be here with big smiles ready to welcome you in and introduce you to all of your new friends! We will see you all soon!


               Mrs Martin                                      Mrs Musgrove                    Miss Metcalf 






 A message for our new starters 2020-21


Mrs Connor                                                      Mrs McCarroll


Mrs Stead                                 Miss Grainger


Hello everyone,

We are looking forward to welcoming you into Reception in September. We have lots of exciting areas for you to explore in our classrooms and outdoor area.

Mrs McCarroll and Miss Grainger really enjoy painting and craft activities and they are looking forward to designing and making lots of models with you.

Mrs Connor and Mrs Stead both enjoy reading stories and singing songs. They can't wait to sing and share some of your favourites.

We hope you all have a lovely Summer with your families and we can't wait to meet you all in September!

Mrs McCarroll, Mrs Connor, Miss Grainger and Mrs Stead 



A message from Mrs Connor and Mrs McCarroll



Hi Reception,

What an unusual year it has been for us all! We want you to know how extremely proud we are of how well you have all coped with these changes. We have made some wonderful memories together, that we will remember and treasure forever. We are so very sad that our time together has been cut short, but we can't wait to see how much you have all grown when you return in September as BIG YEAR 1s! 

Enjoy your summer holidays with your families, have lots of fun and stay safe!

All our love, 

Mrs McCarroll and Mrs Connor  


02.07.20 Reception 


  • Continue to practise reading and writing phase 2-5 tricky words 
  • Have a go at playing these games. Start on phase 3 and if you're feeling extra clever, have a go at phase 4! You will need a wipeboard and pen from your pack



Number - 2D Shapes

  • Your child has already been introduced to 2d shapes. Use this powerpoint presentation to recap over them.   


  • Go on a shape hunt around your house or garden. Make a list of all the different shapes that you can see (have a go at writing the names).
  • Have a go at shape printing
  • Sort the shapes into different groups

          Here are some ideas for you to use....... 2d-Shapes.pdf

Literacy - lists

  • Have a think about the things that you would like to when lockdown is over. Write these down in a list using your phonic sounds.
  • Write a list for things you would need for a movie night at home - it would be great if you could have one of these with your family
  • Write a shopping list for your adults to take to the supermarket 




It has been lovely to see so many of you on our Zoom meetings. This week we will be revisiting our phase 2 phonics. During the Zoom meeting we will be using resources from Espresso. Should you wish to use this outside of the meeting you will need the following login details


Username: student7521


15.06.20 Reception 

Numbers to 20

  • Practise writing numbers to 20 - check that your formation is correct. 
  • Write numbers to 20 on pieces of paper (use flashcards if you have them). Can your child order them correctly? Remove a number from the numberline - can they tell you which number is missing? Repeat this until your child is confident.


  • Use Phonics Play website to recap over phase 3 digraphs (Speedy Sounds)
  • Practise reading Phases 2-4 tricky words (Tricky words trucks game)
  • Learn to spell Phase 2 and 3 tricky words.



Make something with your child in the kitchen, e.g. crispy cakes, jelly, sandwich.

  • Ask your child to write a set of instructions for the item they have made. Encourage your child to write in full sentences using full stops and capital letters. Ensure they have finger spaces and that their writing sits on the line.  





Welcome back everyone! We hope you have had a fantastic Half Term holiday and enjoyed some of the lovely sunshine we have had. We have an exciting 'home learning' task for you to be getting on with - enjoy!



'30 Days Wild'


Throughout the month of June the children in EYFS and KS1 are being asked to take part in the '30 days wild' challenge, in support of the Wildlife Trust. We are encouraging the children to take a little bit of time each day to go outside to explore and enjoy nature.

Here you will find a table that contains 30 random-acts-of-wildness.pdf. We would love for you to embrace each challenge with your child and have some fun! 

We have also created a selection of suggested books that links with each individual challenge. Most books are available online if you do not have a hard copy at home.


Here are some additional resources that you can use to track your progress and record ideas:





And finally..............

Wild Wednesdays

Every Wednesday at 10am the Wildlife Trust will be showing some fantastic videos on their  Wildlife Watch YouTube Channel! so make sure you monitor our Facebook page for links to that!

We would love to see some of your 'random acts of wildness' so remember to take lots of photographs, there will be opportunities to share these with our school community on some of our Facebook posts!

Have fun and be wild!


EYFS Half Term


We hope you have a wonderful Half Term holiday enjoying the sunshine. We will be back next week with some more ideas to help you with your learning.

Take Care

Mrs Connor, Mrs McCarroll and Mrs Keen

18.05.20 Reception


Number - Doubles

Use this powerpoint to introduce doubles/doubling to your child. doubles-powerpoint.ppt.

Explain to your child that we must have equal amounts on each side. You can demonstrate this using anything you can find around the house (pencils, counters, teddies, sweets, spoons). Reinforce this with a number sentence ( 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6). 

  • Here are some ideas of activities you can do to consolidate your child's understanding. 

        Image result for doubling activities eyfs Image result for doubling activities eyfs

  • Once your child has a good understanding of doubling, have a go at these problem solving activities. Can your child use objects, marks or number to help them solve these problems? doubling-challenges.pdf

Literacy - Story Book Characters

  • Continue to enjoy reading lots of stories with your child. Ask your child to identify the main characters in the story. Which character is their favourite and why?
  • Ask your child to write a few sentences describing their favourite character.

 -Encourage your child to use their phonic knowledge to sound out both familiar and unfamiliar words. (remember: words do not have to be spelt correctly but be phonetically plausible).

-Use finger spaces between words

-Begin the sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop



18.05.20 Nursery Weekly Challenge

Number - Counting Quantities

Can the children count objects up to 10. This could be with anything you can get your hands on! Once the children have counted 10 objects, can you then take one away and ask how many do we have now? Work within the ability of your child increasing and decreasing the amount of numbers as you see fit.

Literacy - Name Writing

Using your sound can your child work on writing their name. Begin with concentrating on one grapheme. It is important that your child forms the letters correctly.

11.05.20  Reception Learning


  • Phonics Play

The Phonics pay website is currently free for home learning. If you are using on a laptop use phonicsplay.co.uk or to use with a tablet or other device use new.phonicsplay.co.uk                                                                                  Please use the following games to practise phonics, selecting phase 3/4: 

Flash Cards Speed Trial, Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto, and Reading Robot.

  • Plants

Visit youtube and watch 'Come Outside- Bulbs' and 'Come Outside-Dandelions'. Talk about the different parts of a flower. Children can draw or make their own flower and label the different parts.


  •  Number

Use the number lines, that were sent home in the packs, to find one more and one less than a number up to 10. Use small objects (smarties, buttons, pasta shapes etc) to make two groups to add together e.g. 2+1, 5+1, 8+1. You can also start with a group of 10 and split the group into two groups each time finding a different number bond to 10 e.g. 0+10. 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6. 5+5, 6+4, 7+3, 8+2, 9+1, 10+0. You can write some simple number sentences for your child to write the answers. Number lines can also be used for addition by jumping along the line.

  • 11.05.20 Nursery Weekly Challenge


  • Number - Recognise Numerals from 0-5

Show the children the numerals from 0-5. Hide the numbers around the house or garden. Can the children find a numeral given to them? Can the children find a numeral and tell you what it is? Looking for numerals in their environment on signs or car number plates when out walking etc. Lots of repetition with games like this you will be surprised at how quickly the children pick it up

  • Literacy - Phonics and Name Writing

Show the children the graphemes s,a,t,p,i,n. Can the children tell you what they are and can they hear them in some words you say to them? Can they think of any words that begin with these phonemes? Using your sound mat can you support the children to write the first grapheme in their name? Use the rhyme to help and ask the children to repeat this as they write. Move your children on as they become more able; they could begin to write the graphemes in the phase 2 phonics group and move onto writing the graphemes that make up their surname.

Phoneme is the sound we hear

Grapheme is what it looks like

I hope you are all well

Mrs Keen



04.05.20 VE Day 2020

 Friday 8th May marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. To commemorate one of the most important days in our history, we are encouraging our home learning activities to be centered around this. We have listed some ideas below of things that you could do with your child at home:

  • Decorate some of your own Union Jack flags or bunting to decorate your home. Try using a range of different media such as, paint, collage, pencils, crayons (help develop those fine motor skills). 

           Union-Jack-Bunting.pdf     Union-Jack-flag.pdf

  • Have a go at making a VE Day costume or hat. 
  • Try following a recipe from this 'Wartime recipe book'. Can your child help with weighing out ingredients and chopping some of the foods?


  • Research how things have changed since the Second World War. Show your children some images/videos on YouTube and look at how different things were back then and at how people used to live. 

And finally...........

  • Plan a tea party to celebrate the event! Remember you will need to write out and send invitations to the people in your house, decorate a space using your flags and bunting, wear the colours of red, white and blue and sing along to some songs from the past. Serve some of your favourite party foods and maybe even get out your best teapot and tea set! **You could show your child some old footage of past street parties to get them inspired**

Remember to take lots of photographs to show us when we return to school. We would love to see how you celebrated your day. Have fun!



 21.04.20  My Time Capsule

We thought it would be a lovely idea to capture this moment in time and make it something that we can look back on in our future. We wondered if our Nursery and Reception would like to make a Time Capsule. This can be in the form of a little booklet or something you want to put into a special container. It would be lovely to share these together once we return to school.

Here is a list of some things you might like to include;

  • How do I feel? What am I thankful for? What I can't wait to do?
  • My Family (Draw a picture of where you are living and a picture of who you are living with.)
  • Hands and Paws (Can you draw around every family members' hand? You might like to include your pets too.)
  • Fun things I am doing to keep busy.
  • How I am staying in touch with family and friends?
  • How things in our local area have changed?
  • How things have changed around the world?

31.03.20 - SPRING!

Our Nursery and Reception children enjoy learning about the 4 seasons. So far this year, we have covered Autumn and Winter and now it is time for Spring. Here is a PowerPoint to help you introduce this season to your child. All-About-Spring.pptx

Here is a list of suggested activities that you could do with your child based on the topic of 'Spring'. Choose which ones your child would enjoy and have some fun!

Activity 1 - Take a look at some of these Spring pictures. Can you write a sentence about each one? Remember to use your phonics to help you sound out the words (Reception children we want to see finger spaces and full stops from you!).




Activity 2 - Use your exercise time to go on a 'Signs of Spring hunt'. Can you spot any signs of Spring? Record these on your checklist. You could also extend your learning by counting how many things you can see. Write the number beside the picture using the correct formation.




 Activity 3 -  Work with your child to develop their Springtime vocabulary. Children should match the themed word to the corresponding picture. Nursery children will need support with their reading but Reception children can have a go at sounding out!



Activity 4 -  Finally have some fun being creative with your little ones! Here are some ideas of activities that you can do using things that you have around the house and garden.

 Image result for eyfs spring crafts

Image result for flowers on pebbles kids