Inter School Competitions 2014 - 2015


Inter School Sports Competitions


Autumn Term:

Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby Cluster Festival

Y6 Tag Rugby Town Festival 

Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics Cluster Festival

Y6 Basketball Cluster Festival

Football League Matches: Y6 boys


Competitive Sport - 2014 -2015

During the Autumn Term Fens pupils took part in many inter school sports competitions.

The Tag Rugby cluster competition took place on a cold afternoon in November. Our two teams enjoyed taking part in some very closely fought games.  The competition was played in good spirit with an abundance of positive attitudes and some very skillful play apparent from all schools. Fens Y6 team managed to reach the final of the competition where they played Eskdale. A close match resulted in Fens becoming runners up.  Both Eskdale and Fens are to go on to represent the cluster in the Town Tournament at Dyke School later on in the term.


The Tag Rugby Town Competition was played at Dyke House School. Our Y6 team played a total of four matches in all. The competition was tough but some excellent passing and high quality skill from our pupils resulted in us scoring a high number of tries. All involved enjoyed their afternoon and we congratulate our team on their performance. We wish the winners of the competition well in the next round!


The Sportshall Athletics Cluster competition took place at the beginning of December. Pupils from both Y5 and Y6 took part in a range of running, jumping and throwing events. In a very exciting afternoon we cheered each other on in the individual events and then, as a team, gave our all in the relay races. Fens came a close second place overall to the winners - Grange. We thank Manor College for organising the afternoon and wish Grange School luck in the town competition.


The Cluster Basketball Competition took place at Manor College in the last few weeks of this term.  Two teams of Y6 pupils represented Fens. An extremely high standard of passing and ball skills resulted in closely fought matches. Fens B team were successful in winning their group which means they will play in the Town Competition next term.



Y6 Boys have played all of their league matches away this term. We enjoyed matches after school against St Aidens, St Teresas, Rossmere and Holy Trinity and are looking forward to playing our final game against Grange in the Spring Term.


Spring Term :

Y5/6 Basketball Town Event at Manor College                                          

Y4 Skipping Competition Cluster Event

Y4 Skipping Competition Town Event

Y6 Netball Team Cluster Event

Y6 Netball Team Town Event

Town Cross Country – Pupils from Y3 Y4, Y5 and Y6 Cluster Festival

Town Cross Country – Pupils from Y3 Y4, Y5 and Y6 Town Festival

Town Swimming Gala - Y5 and Y6 pupils at Mill House Swimming Pool

Y5 Boys and Y5/6 Girls Football League Matches

Y5 Boys, Y6 Boys and Y5/6 Girls Football Cup Competition



Our Y6 boys played their final league match against Grange and won 3-1.  The match proved to be very enjoyable and exciting  for all involved with a high standard of play from both teams.   Winning this  match means that our boys have successfully won their Y6 league.

Congratulations to our Y6 boys football team!  A great team morale, total commitment and love for the game has led to your success.  Well done  to all involved and a special thank you to our parents for their continued support!  


The Town Basketball Tournament took place in January at Manor College.  The standard of play was very high throughout the afternoon. With fast, precision passing and exceptional on target shooting, teams representing  their clusters worked hard in every game. We thank the staff at Manor for a superbly organised event.


This year the Town Swimming Gala was organised slightly differently.  With the smaller schools involved on one morning then the larger schools taking part in the competition on the next day.  Fens were in the second day of the competition.  Pupils from years 4,5 and 6 all took part in individual and team events from front crawl to back crawl and breast stroke, as well as team relay events.  Heats were swam with everyone's time and position recorded.  It was very close points wise and final positions were to be decided on the last race, the canon relay, with everyone in the team taking part.  It was so exciting as pupils, staff and parents cheered on our team.  It was unbelievably close with Fens just "pipped at the post" and finishing in third behind Sacred Heart and Throston. It was a brilliant morning and very exciting.  Well done to our pupils, they were a credit to our school and achieved third place overall in the larger school competition.



The Manor Cluster Cross Country event took place on the first Monday in March. Six of the cluster schools were involved with forty pupils from Key Stage 2 proudly representing Fens.  There were six races in all: Year 3/4 girls; Y3/4 boys; Y5 girls/Y5 boys; Y6 girls/Y6 boys. The races for the older children were 1600m however the younger children competed over a slightly shorter distance. Despite extremely windy conditions none of our children were deterred and all gave their very best which was vital as every runner scored points for their school. Also, the first eight across the line were to go forward to the next round, the Town Event, at Summerhill where they would represent the Manor Cluster.   The event ran very smoothly with staff cheering and encouraging pupils as they ran. We were delighted with the performances from all of our runners especially those who managed to finish in the top eight of their race. Fens were overjoyed to find that they were the overall winners of the event with a total points score of 810. We are now looking forward to the next round where we have twenty runners representing the cluster.  It was a great afternoon and well done to all involved!


Football League Matches. Last week saw our Y5 Boys team and our Girls football team welcome teams from Eldon Grove School to play their first league matches.  Parents from both schools enjoyed the competition as they cheered and encouraged their teams along. Players tried their very best and impressed the crowd with their positive attitudes and superb footballing skills. Fens were delighted to win both matches and look forward to playing their next games.


Our Y6 team took part in the High Five Netball Cluster Tournament at Manor College towards the end of February. The winners and runners up of the competition would go on to the Town Tournament at English Martyrs School in March.  As so many teams were involved, the competition was organised into two groups. Games were very close, so shooting skills were heavily relied upon in order to win matches. Fens and Grange were the overall winners of their groups.  Everyone involved had an enjoyable afternoon.



Hi Five Netball Town Tournament

This year the Town High Five Netball Tournament took place at English Martyrs School. Twelve schools in all were involved in the competition after taking part in earlier rounds with their cluster schools.  Fens’ pupils thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon of netball and matches were closely fought. The referees were excellent and very strict with the footwork rule as well as being consistent throughout the tournament. This made the competition fair for all involved. Fens played four matches in all; winning two and losing two.  The children involved were a credit to the school with their positive attitude and team spirit -well done to our netball team!


Town Cross Country

After their success at the recent cluster competition last term, twenty of our pupils went to Summerhill to race in the Town Cross Country Festival.  Competition was tough as races were organised by year group with each race having the top 30 to 40 runners in the town.  Despite finding the course quite challenging Fens’ pupils did themselves proud and are looking forward to participating again next year!



In March eight of our Year three pupils took part in a tennis competition at Manor College.  The children were chosen to represent the school by tennis coach Mark Barrass who had been into school to work with both classes in PE lessons. After a morning of tennis activities and challenges at Manor, Fens were the proud winners and now go on to represent the cluster in the town tournament. Congratulations to our Year Three Tennis Team!

Football Cup Competitions

The early rounds of the cup competitions this year have taken place at The Domes near Seaton.  We have been involved in all three competitions-Y6 boys, Y5 boys and the Girls.  As always, competition was tough with representatives from many Hartlepool schools involved in each tournament.  Games were organised in small groups with the winners playing semi-finals.  The two top teams from each tournament would go on to play the final at Victoria Park in April. Standards of play were extremely high, and with top footballing skills on show, matches were very close but played with good team spirit. Although our boys’ teams didn’t manage to reach the final, our girls’ team were very successful. The girls are now looking forward to playing Stranton at Victoria Park on Monday, April 27th.  Staff, parents and governors will be there to support Fens and we welcome support from all pupils and parents. Well done to all our teams who took part and very good luck to our girls in the final!


Town Tennis Competition

Fens Y3 Tennis Team were the proud winners of the Town Tournament. Congratulations!



Throughout the Spring Term our Y4 pupils enjoyed practising their skipping skills. Thirty pupils were then chosen to represent Fens in a Skipping Competition at Brierton College. Lots of schools were involved in the event which included both individual and group skipping challenges as well as a whole team dance display.  The children had a great morning and were excellent role models for the school in the competition. Congratulations to Rossmere who were the overall winners from the Manor Cluster.


Girls Final Fens v Stanton at Victoria Park – Monday 27th April

Final score:  Fens 6    Stranton 0

Last Monday Fens Primary School girls football team were jubilant as they won the town football final.  After winning earlier rounds to reach the final the girls were confident but nervous as they faced Stranton for the first time. Both teams lined up in the tunnel and ran out together to the cheers of the supporting crowd.  Support for the two schools was fantastic.  Both teams knuckled down and focussed on the match. With excellent teamwork and a solid defence, Fens found themselves 2-0 up by half time. Stranton battled on continuously in the second half, never going up, but found themselves unable to break through the well organised defence of their opponents.  A skilled midfield and determined attack led to Fens scoring a further 4 goals in the second half.  At the final whistle, Fens celebrated their triumphant win.  The captain proudly led her team to receive their medals and the winning trophy as teachers, parents, governors and ex-pupils applauded the victory. Congratulations girls!








The Girls' Football Final
Year Five Boys Cup Competition
Town Cross Country at Summerhill
Cross Country
TAg Rugby
Swimming Gala
Girls Football