Inter School Competition 2018 - 2019

Y4 Athletics

Y4 Athletics Competition

On Wednesday afternoon our Y4 athletics team took part in a cluster competition at Brierton Sports Centre. Each member of our team was involved in four events:  a sprint, a 400m run, a howler throw and a long jump, with the competition ending with a full team relay race.  As always, our children were superb and we had lots of winners and runners up in each event. When points for each event were totalled, Fens ended up as overall winners and are now looking forward to representing the cluster in the town event towards the end of the month. Well done everyone!

Y5 & Y6 Athletics Cluster Competition

Athletics Cluster Competition

Well done to our Y5s and Y6s who took part in the Cluster Athletics Competition at Brierton last Friday.  We witnessed some fantastic individual performances throughout the afternoon as our pupils were involved in a range of track and field events. There was a great team spirit as we cheered each other on.  Well done to everyone who took part!

Y6 Town Cup Final

On Wednesday 1st May, the Year 6 boys’ football team competed in the League 1 Town Cup Final at Hartlepool United’s football ground. As they have in every competition, the boys played with passion and dedication. Despite the game going against us, the team never let their heads drop and played with great commitment and enthusiasm until the final whistle. Every single member of the squad gave 100% effort throughout the match and, once again, the way they represented the school was exceptional. It was an absolutely brilliant achievement to qualify for this final. You should all be very proud of yourselves; everyone else in the school is!

Y6 Town Cup Competition

In April, the Y6 boys’ team took part in their long awaited cup competition. They had been waiting a long time for this competition and were very excited about it. This excitement translated to some great performances on the pitch. Once again, the boys played very well as a team and were excellent representatives of the school. The children played brilliantly throughout the afternoon, winning 6 out of the 8 games they played to finish top of the league. Because of this, we have now qualified for the final at Hartlepool United’s ground in May.

Y4 Skipping Competition

Y4 Skipping Competition

Yesterday, at Brierton Sports Centre, our Y4 Skipping Team were thrilled as they won the first round of this year’s competition. Each and every one of them played a fantastic part as they showed off their range of skipping skills in individual and team events. We are now looking forward to the Town Final in May. Congratulations to the team – you did yourselves and our school proud!

Y4 Cluster Tag Rugby Competition

Y4 Cluster Tag Rugby Tournament

Last Friday, 8th March, our school played host to a Cluster Tag Rugby Tournament. There were six schools involved in the competition with many bringing three teams. The afternoon was organized into three mini competitions with each team playing at least four matches.  Throughout the competitions our pupils were fantastic as they demonstrated strong teamwork, superb rugby skills and played fair. Even though it was very cold, our pupils didn’t let it bother them and when the final results were announced we found we were the winners in two of the competitions and runners up in the third.  We all had a great afternoon and can’t wait to play Tag Rugby again! 




Cluster Netball Festival

High Five Netball Competition

Year 6 girls recently took part in a Netball competition based at Brierton Sports Centre on Friday 15th February.  Seven children took part in the High 5 Netball games which consisted of a team of five children playing netball at a time. The girls showed amazing team spirit and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon and loved to cheer on their teammates and fellow players. The children came 4th after demonstrating great footwork and many goal attempts. Two children were awarded certificates for ‘Best Player’ and ‘Fair Team Player’ which were well deserved! All children were a pleasure to take out into the community. Well done!

Y3 Tennis Cluster Competition

Tennis Cluster Competition 

After a series of lessons in school, eight children were selected to represent Year 3 in the Tennis Cluster Competition at Manor Academy. Pupils were involved in a mixture of individual matches and team games which focussed on skills. When scores were collated, we were delighted to find that Fens were overall winners. All of the children were a credit to our school and are excited to represent the cluster at the town final in May.

Town Swimming Gala

Town Swimming Gala

This morning Y5 and Y6 children competed in the larger schools swimming gala. We had twenty children in all representing the school. Pupils were involved in many different races, some individual and some relay. There were many outstanding performances from our children who managed to finish runners up. Congratulations and well done to everyone involved!


Y5 Premier League Champions
Y5 Premier League Competition

On Friday 8th February the Year 5 boys’ football team competed in their second competition of the season. This was the Premier League competition which we qualified for after our success in the previous round of fixtures. Once again, the boys played exceptionally well, winning 5 and drawing one of our six matches, meaning we finished as overall winners and Year 5 Premier League Champions. Throughout the afternoon, the team proved to be deserving champions, not only for their success on the pitch but for their behaviour and attitude throughout the whole afternoon. Well done boys!

Basketball Cluster Competition 

Our children recently took part in the Basketball Cluster Competition at Brierton Sports Centre (23rd January). Fourteen children took part, with two teams representing Fens fantastically well. The teams included a mixture of boys and girls and each game was played in a wonderful spirit, with some quality basketball on show. Team 1 finished 3rd in their respective group, despite not losing a single match, and were extremely unlucky not to progress through to the next round. Team 2 finished 4th after some excellent results later on in the afternoon, and again, were unlucky not to finish in the top 2. Each game was fiercely competitive and great sportsmanship was shown throughout. All of the children involved were a credit to Fens and should be proud of themselves.

Girls Football Competition

Girls Football Competition

Towards the end of January our Y6 girls took part in their first football league competition and did themselves proud! There were 18 teams from across the town involved and our girls played eight matches during the afternoon.  All of the games were closely fought with some fantastic football on show. Our team won two and drew four of their games and are now looking forward to their next competition in February. Well done girls! 

Year 5 Football Competition

On Friday 18th January 2019, the Year 5 boys had their first football competition of the season at the Seaton Domes. They boys had been eagerly looking forward to this all year and their enthusiasm was infectious. Throughout the whole afternoon the boys performed exceptionally well as a team, winning all three of their group matches. On top of that, we also played three friendly matches, winning two and drawing one. Not only did the boys play extremely well in each match, they were also excellent sportsmen throughout, acting as great representatives of the school. They were a credit to themselves and the school all afternoon. We now look forward to our next round of fixtures.

B Team Football Competition

B Team Football Competition

On Friday 7th December, the year 5 and 6s competed in their second B team festival event of the season at Seaton Domes. The boys were in high spirits throughout the afternoon and played with great pride and enthusiasm in every game. There was some very entertaining football on show and some very positive results. We all had a great afternoon representing Fens and, once again, the children were a great credit to themselves and the school.


Cluster Dodgeball Competition

Back in November a group of our Y5 pupils took part in the Cluster Dodgeball Competition at Brierton. Fens had two teams of boys and girls, a team from each class, representing the school.  Games were very exciting as the children demonstrated some fantastic throwing and dodging skills.  One of our teams managed to reach the final of the competition and won a place through into the town finals. As always, our children showed a positive sporting attitude throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Well done to everyone who participated.


Sports Hall Athletics CLuster Competition

Cluster Sportshall Athletics Competition

In December some of our Y5and Y6 pupils represented our school in the Cluster Sportshall Athletics Competition.  This event took place at Hartlepool Sixth Form College. The afternoon was action packed with a full range of athletic field and tack events including: javelin, long jump, triple jump, sprints and long distance runs.   Each member of our team took part in two track and two field events and put in some magnificent performances. Points were award for each event and totalled to give a final score. It was a very exciting afternoon and Fens were absolutely delighted to find they were overall winners of the competition and were to represent the Manor Cluster in the town event. Congratulations Fens! 

Tri Golf Town Competition

Y6 Boys Football Competition

On Friday 23rd November, the year 6 boys had their Championship league competition at Seaton Domes. Having played well in their previous competitions, the boys were full of confidence heading into this competition. The boys played very well and throughout and should be very proud of how well they represented the school. We are now eagerly looking forward to competing in the cup competition after Christmas.

Tri Golf - Town Competition

Tri Golf - Town Competition

Last Thursday a group of Y6 children went to The Domes to take part in the town Tri Golf Competition.  Ten schools from the town had been lucky enough to be invited to the event and our children, as always, were great representatives of our school.  The afternoon’s competition consisted of ten challenges in which each team member tried their best to earn points for their team. Scores for each event were totalled and winners announced. Fens finished in fifth place overall and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  Well done to everyone who took part.

Cluster Tag Rugby Competition

Cluster Tag Rugby Competition

On Wednesday 10th October a group of Y6 children went out to Brierton to play in the annual Cluster Tag Rugby Competition. The children had been chosen during PE by their teacher who had looked for children who demonstrated a high level of skill, a positive attitude and a good team spirit.

There were 6 teams, from schools in the cluster, involved in the competition and they all played against each other with matches lasting eight minutes.  There were some fantastic skills and performances on show throughout the morning and many exciting tries scored.  Fens pupils gave their all as they demonstrated a high level of skill and teamwork. Everyone enjoyed the morning and Fens proudly finished third overall.  Well done to everyone who took part.

Town Cross Country Competition

Y6 Football Competiton

On Friday 19th October, the Y6 boys competed in the Champions League competition at Seaton Domes. The team qualified for this cup because of how well they played in their previous competition. Confidence was high after the last competition, which translated into some excellent football from the boys. In the end, we won 1 and drew 2 of our matches, finishing fourth in our group overall. Once again, the boys played with great enthusiasm throughout the competition. We eagerly look forward to our next set of fixtures.

Year 6 Football Competition

Town Cross Country

Congratulations to all of our pupils who ran in the Town Cross Country Finals last week! The competition took place at High Tunstall School and, after their success in the earlier rounds, we had 23 pupils representing the Manor Cluster. Each race involved around 40 pupils from across the town and the standard of competition was very high. All of our pupils completed the course successfully with 5 of our runners managing to finish in the top eight of their respective races thus winning a place in the Tees Valley District Finals later on this month. Our children, as always, were fantastic representatives for the school and the cluster. A huge well done to everyone involved!

Cluster Cross Country at Summerhill

Cluster Cross Country Competition

Well done to all of our pupils who took part in the Cross Country Cluster Competition at Summerhill on Wednesday 26th September.   Fens’ pupils and staff proved again to be a fantastic team, cheering and supporting each other throughout the morning.  Y4 pupils ran a mile course with Y5s and Y6s running two miles. We were so proud of every single one of our 40 runners as they all completed the course. During the morning we had some overall winners in the Y5 girls and Y6 girls and Y4 boys individual races. As well as 2nd and 3rd places. Overall 23 of our pupils managed to finish in the top ten and so are to represent the Manor cluster at the Town Finals early in October. Congratulations to all who took part – you did yourselves and Fens School proud!

Y6 Boys Football Competition

On Friday 28th September the Year 6 boys had their first football competition of the season at Seaton Domes. The team were full of confidence and enthusiasm heading into the competition. The boys played some fantastic football and won 2 and drew 1 of their five matches, finishing third in the league. Because of this, we have now qualified for the Championship League Competition and the Champions League Cup Competition. Well done boys.