The Creative Arts curriculum at Fens Primary School encompasses art, music, drama and aspects of dance. These may be taught as isolated subjects, or creatively linked to other areas.

 We aim to provide children with arts experiences which are creative, enjoyable and confidence-building, based on the central activities of creating, performing, appraising and appreciating. The aims of the Arts curriculum at Fens Primary School are to enable pupils to:

  • Be taught within the requirements of the National Curriculum and beyond;
  • Realise their full potential in an individual, creative and imaginative way and to value their own capacity for producing a range of art forms;
  • Understand and communicate ideas and feelings through the languages of art, music, dance and drama;
  • Develop aesthetic awareness and the ability to make informal critical judgements;
  • Understand cultural diversity and appreciate different values and traditions;
  • Gain enjoyment from participation in and appreciation of the arts.

 A wide range of extra-curricular arts activities are available for pupils of all abilities, such as the school choir, knitting club and art club. Children are also given opportunities to perform throughout the year, from weekly class assemblies to concerts for the community.

 Musical instrument tuition is available from peripatetic teachers who visit the school weekly offering lessons in brass, strings and drums.