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Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 there are 4 classes-two year 1 and two year 2 classes. Throughout this key stage, staff continue to provide a rich and varied teaching programme with differentiated planning to suit all pupils.


Year 1 staff take note of any areas for particular focus that were identified through the Foundation Stage Profile. They ensure that children who need a more active, practical curriculum have opportunities for this, well supported by either the teacher or teaching assistant.


The curriculum is now split into specific subject areas :- English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, RE, Art, Music, PE, Computing and DT.


Assessments are carried out either with ongoing observations and evidence of the children’s understanding as well as through marking of work. There are more formal assessments of English and Mathematics to monitor pupil progress and target areas of strength or weakness.


The children have opportunities to perform class assemblies several times a year, which they thoroughly enjoy. They also love our themed work weeks celebrating multi-cultural art or other topics. School trips are a further way that we enrich their learning, with visits to place such as Beamish and Captain Cook’s museum.


Key Stage 1 aims to foster an interest in a wide range of subjects as well as developing skills in reading, writing and mathematics that leave them well prepared to begin Key Stage 2.