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Recent News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Flu vaccinations will be offered to all children from Reception class through to Year 6 on November 15th. To consent please see attached letter and visit  

Consent Letter Download

Many thanks


Dear Parents/Carers,

Arts Week

This year, our ‘Art’s Week’ will be held the week commencing the 15th July. We have decided to base the week around the theme of ‘The Jungle’.

The children’s work will be showcased in our celebration event on Friday 19th July. The event will coincide with our end of year Summer Fair, beginning at 3:30pm and ending at 4:30pm.

We will have children’s work on display for you to enjoy, our ‘Mini Picasso’ gallery exhibition, a performance from the school choir, samba drumming and much more!

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Summer Fair

On the afternoon of Friday 19th July we are having our Summer Fair. The Summer Fair will begin at 3.30pm and, weather permitting, will be out on the school field.

 Could we ask for donations for the tombola and bottle stall, bottles can be of any type. Please send any donations into the school office by Wednesday 17th July.

Our cake stall is always a favourite and we rely on our school community to make this a success. Could we ask for cakes to be brought in by the morning of Friday 19th July.

All stalls will be taking cash so bring plenty of change!


Many thanks for your continued support,


Miss Hammond and Mrs Keen



Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will have seen in our various media for communication, we have re-arranged our sports day for Friday 28th June at 1.30pm. Let’s hope the weather is kind this time.

Reminders about other dates:

Tues 2nd July                                                         

Summer Discos (R/KS1: 4.15-5.30pm KS2: 5.45-7.15pm)

Thurs 4th July                                                      

Y6 Leavers’ Assembly for parents – 5.00pm

Fri 5th July                                                             

Y6 Leavers’ Assembly for the school

Mon 8th – Friday 19th July                                  

Y6 secondary school transition fortnight (except English Martyrs – one week of transition starting on Mon 8th July)   

Tues 23rd July, 2019                                           

Last day of Summer Term – school closes at 3.20pm

Mon 2nd Sept, 2019                                          

First day of Autumn Term, 2019-20 – school re-opens.

Yours sincerely,

 Mr P Cornforth


Dear Parents and Carers,

On Friday (15.03.19) we will be celebrating Comic Relief in school. This will be a non-uniform day and children can, if they wish, bring in a small donation for the charity.

Many thanks,

Mr Connor


Book Week

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please click here to download our information letter, which contains details about our Book and Writing Week events.

Many thanks,

Mrs Keen


Summer Half-Term Holiday 2020

In case you might be turning your thoughts to booking next year’s holiday (2020), we will take this opportunity to inform you of, and confirm, our arrangements for the summer half-term holiday for that year. We will again organise all five of our PD days (days when the children do not attend school, and which are usually spaced throughout the year) for the first week in June 2020 (Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June). This follows straight on from the half-term holiday (Whit Week) which occurs in the last week of May (Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May). This means that instead of school being closed for just one week, it will be closed for two weeks, and, because the first week in June is not school holiday time for the majority of schools, holiday prices will be cheaper than during standard school holiday times. Thus parents have the opportunity to take their holiday during the fortnight Saturday 23rd May to Saturday 6th June at cheaper rates without having to remove their child/children from school. We hope you will give this serious consideration.


Many thanks,


Mr Connor


School Uniform

Tesco uniform embroidery service will cease to operate from 15th February 2019. School uniform will now be supplied by School Trends with immediate effect.  Uniform can only be ordered online using the following link

The ordering can be done on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC, size charts are available so please refer to these and measure your child before ordering.  Delivery is £2.99 to your home address.


Many thanks.




Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been brought to our attention (and many thanks to the concerned parents that spoke to us) that a series of Youtube videos known as ‘Super Mario Logan’ and involving a character called ‘Jeffy’ are growing in popularity currently. Whilst these videos use puppets, and appear on the surface to be aimed at young people, the content is certainly not at all appropriate for primary age children and appears to be intended for an adult audience. These videos seem to have managed to get through computer blocking systems too, so please be particularly vigilant about knowing what sort of content your children might be accessing online.

Best wishes,

Mr Cornforth and the staff of Fens


Christmas Activities

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find below information regarding upcoming Christmas activities.


Reminder: As mentioned in the September newsletter, the Christmas Discos will be held on Tuesday 4th December, 2018. Please note the following times:

Early Years/KS1 (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2) will be held from 4.15 – 5.30 pm.

KS2 (Years 3-6) will be held from 5.45-7.15 pm.

Would you please note that, as usual, parents will not be able to stay with the children at either of the discos.  Staff will be present to supervise. Could we please ask parents/carers to bring children to the main entrance and assist us by taking the children’s coats home with you, bringing them back when you return to collect the children. Could we please also ask that children bring no more than £2 to spend on refreshments and that you place any Early Years/Key Stage 1 child’s money in a small purse or envelope. Many thanks. Tickets are currently on sale, priced at £1.

Christmas Performances:

Reminder: As detailed on the school APP and school website, the Christmas performances will take place on:

10am 11.12.18 Nursery (AM) and Reception

2pm   11.12.18 Nursery (PM) and Reception

10am 12.12.18 KS1

2pm   12.12.18 KS1

1.45pm 13.12.18 KS2

9.45am 14.12.18 KS2

1.45pm 14.12.18 KS2

Tickets for these performances will be sold at the cost of £1 each from Monday 3rd December (8.30 am) at the main school office.  Any tickets left on the morning of the performance will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Admittance is by ticket only: please advise grandparents and other family members that they cannot pay at the door. Please be aware that we cannot hold tickets for anyone and no telephone requests can be accepted. Due to child safeguarding issues would you please also note that no photographs or video recording will be allowed during the performance. If you require tickets for a particular day you must purchase them as soon as possible as there are only a certain amount of tickets available for each day because of Fire Regulations.  We cannot guarantee we will have tickets available for the day you wish to attend.

We have reviewed our seating capacity for the Key Stage 2 Christmas shows this year in line with current fire safety regulations.  In order to ensure that all parents of children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to see their child in one of the three shows, we have needed to restrict tickets to two per family instead of two per child.  Therefore, if you have more than one child in KS2 you will no longer be able to get two tickets for each child; the tickets will be allocated in your eldest child’s name only.  Again, any remaining tickets will go on sale at 8.30am on the day of the show at the school office.

Christmas Parties:                                              

Mon 17th December, 2018                Reception and Year 5 Parties.

Tues 18th December, 2018                 Year 2 and Year 6 Parties.

Wed 19th December, 2018                Year 1 and Year 4 Parties

Thurs 20th December, 2018               Year 3 Party

Please note that Nursery Christmas activity information will be sent out separately to this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Mr C Connor


Diary Dates

Please find below the December dates for our various Christmas performances:

10am 11.12.18 Nursery (AM) and Reception

2pm   11.12.18 Nursery (PM) and Reception

10am 12.12.18 KS1

2pm   12.12.18 KS1

1.45pm 13.12.18 KS2

9.45am 14.12.18 KS2

1.45pm 14.12.18 KS2

The sale of tickets and further information will follow. Please note that tickets for the KS2 performance will be limited to two per family.

Thank you.


Dear Parents/Carers,

We are extremely pleased to report that together the Fens Community raised a fantastic £502.19 for Children in Need.

Thank you for your amazing generosity!


Children in Need

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please note that we are holding a non-uniform day this coming Friday (16.11.18).

Children can bring in a small donation if they wish.

Many thanks.




Dear Parents/Carers

After the success of last year, we are hoping to support our local food bank again, as part of our harvest celebrations.

Trussell Trust foodbanks provide three days of emergency food to local individuals and families in crisis. Frontline care professionals including health visitors, social workers and school liaison officers refer people who are facing hunger to the foodbank. 

As well as receiving nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food parcels, people visiting the foodbank are welcomed with a cup of tea, listened to and signposted to agencies who are able to help resolve the underlying cause of the problem.

By donating to the foodbank you can help support local people in crisis. Below are the types of food our local foodbank would like;

Pasta sauce                                         

Tinned meat

Tinned fruit                                        

Tinned sponge pudding

Longlife Juice                                       

UHT/Powder Milk

Sugar (500g)                                       


Tinned vegetables                                 


If you would like to support us as a school with something from the list above or similar please send them into school with your child by Friday 12th October as all donations will be collected on Monday 15th October.

Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

Mrs Keen




Epilepsy Outlook is setting up a Peer support group for parents of children with epilepsy.


Epilepsy Outlook provides advice, information, support and equipment to individuals and families of those affected by the condition.


This Parents Support Group, the first of its kind in Hartlepool, will be a practical yet relaxed group that will meet regularly, sharing vital information, support and advice .


The Group’s first meeting will be 11th October 1pm – 3pm at our  Park Road Centre .



Elaine Bartholomew

Outreach Worker


Epilepsy Outlook

79 Park Road

The Arches


TS24 7PW


Telephone: 01429 297007



Dates for Your Diary

Date (2018 into 2019)


Wednesday 19th September

Individual & family photographs

Thursday 27th September

Bryan Cross Book Launch 5.00pm

Wednesday 17th October

Rec to Y5 ‘Flu Vaccinations

Monday 22nd October

Parental Consultations 3.40-5.30pm

Wednesday 24th October

Parental Consultations 5.00-7.30pm

Monday 29th October– Friday 2nd November

Half-Term Holiday – school closed

Monday 5th November

School re-opens

Tuesday 4th December

School Discos

Wb Monday 10th December

School Christmas Productions Week

Wb Monday 17th December

Christmas Parties Week

Friday 21st December

Last day of Autumn Term

Monday 24th December – Friday 4th January

School closed for Christmas Holiday

Monday 7th January

Children return to school for start of Spring Term

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd February

Half-Term Holiday – school closed

Monday 25th February

School re-opens

Friday 5th April

Last day of Spring Term

Monday 8th April – Friday 19th April

School closed for Easter Holiday

Monday 22nd April

Bank Holiday – school closed

Tuesday 23rd April

School re-opens for start of Summer Term

Month of May

Y2 SAT assessments

Monday 6th May

May-Day Bank Holiday – school closed

Wb Monday 13th May

Y6 SATs week

Monday 27th May – Friday 7th June

Whit Fortnight (Whit Week plus five PD Days) – school closed

Monday 10th June

School re-opens

Wb Monday 10th June

Y1 Phonics Screening Tests

Tuesday 23rd July

Last day of Summer Term


Dear Parents/Carers,

Please note the following letter which was sent out to all KS2 pupils this afternoon.



Dear Key Stage 2 Parents/Carers,

Today, several of you have contacted school seeking to collect your child early from tomorrow night’s disco, so as to be at home ready for the England World Cup game against Columbia.

To do this ad-hoc would be logistically difficult and we are not in a position to bring the start time of the disco forward. As a result, if you would like to collect your child early, or if they are old enough to walk home alone, we have made 6.45pm a time when we will pause the disco, gather any early leavers together and take them out onto the Key Stage 2 playground (exiting the door opposite the caged staff car park). The gate to this playground will be open from 6.40pm.

You must sign and return the slip below (to school tomorrow), if you wish your child to leave the disco early. Please also indicate whether your child will be collected or whether you wish them to walk home alone. Please note that there will be no crossing patrol at that time.

If you do not return the form and just turn up at a different time, we cannot guarantee that your child will be immediately handed over as the disco will be in full swing.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Cornforth



I __________________________________, the parent/carer of ______________________, request that they be collected early from the Key Stage 2 disco (03.07.18) at 6.45pm.


My child will be collected from school at 6.45pm ________


My child will walk home alone at 6.45pm ________


Signature _______________________






Languages Afternoon

Key Stage 2 children enjoyed an afternoon of experiencing the French culture. A carousel of activities was put in place whereby the children could enjoy some French food, try out some traditional French dance and play some popular French games.
A selection of year 6 children helped to run the afternoon and supported the other children to get the most out of each activity. They even made sure that children were asking for their food in French!
Diary Dates

Wednesday 27th June, 2018                

Sports Day – 1.30pm

Friday 29th June, 2018                                        

PD Day – school closed

Tuesday 3rd July, 2018                                       

Discos:  KS1 4.15pm – 5.30 pm, KS2 5.45pm – 7.15pm

Thursday 5th July, 2018                                      

Y6 Leavers’ Assembly for Y6 parents – 5.00pm

Friday 6th July, 2018                                             

Last day at Fens for (the majority of) Y6 children

Monday 9th July, 2018                                        

Start of Y6 secondary school transition fortnight (one 

week only for English Martyrs pupils)

Monday 9th – Friday 13th July, 2018                

Arts Week

Friday 13th July, 2018                                         

Arts Week celebration event (3.30pm)

Wednesday 18th July, 2018                              

Parental consultations 3.30pm – 5pm

Friday 20th July, 2018                                         

Last day of term – school closes 3.20pm

Monday 3rd September, 2018                            

School re-opens - first day of term for children





'Aspire 2 Be' - Careers Fair - Wednesday 21st March 2018

Our second Careers Fair took place this afternoon. A range of visitors from the world of work kindly shared their experience and expertise with our Key Stage 2 children. Our aspiring participants worked in groups, asking a range of questions of our experts in relation to their own experience from school to their current career roles. A huge thank you is extended to all of those visitors who generously gave up their time to enrich the experiences of the children at Fens Primary.

'Aspire 2 Be' - Gestamp Manufacturing workshops with Year 5 and Year 6

Our Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in workshops with our visitors from Gestamp Manufacturing. They learned all about the company's own manufacturing plant, the use of technology in their industry and the skills that employers look for in successful employees. They also really enjoyed completing an engineering task in groups. Thank you to Daniel and Dave for giving up their time to share details of their organisation.   

'Aspire 2 Be' - Northern Powergrid workshops with Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

Bob Knox, a career veteran from Northern Powergrid, shared his experience and expertise with our children in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 in our Bousfield Learning Suite. The children learned all about the company's roles and responsibilities in delivering power to our homes: they enjoyed hearing about the wide range of roles available in such a large organisation.

'Aspire 2 Be' - NHS Nurse workshop with Year 3

Our Year 3 children welcomed Stacy, an NHS nurse, into school. They loved hearing about her job role and about her career journey from school to nurse. We would like to thank Stacy for sharing her experience with us.    

'Aspire 2 Be' - Year 5 visit to Hartlepool College of Further Education - Tuesday 20th March 2018

Our Year 5 children visited Hartlepool College of Further Education this morning. They enjoyed workshops in the college's construction department and learned more about the possible future paths they could follow for a career in a range of industries.

'Aspire 2 Be' - Careers Fair - Wednesday 14th March 2018

The first of two career fair events took place this afternoon in our school hall. A range of visitors from the world of work kindly shared their experience and expertise with our Key Stage 2 children. Our aspiring participants worked in groups, asking a range of questions of our experts in relation to their own experience from school to their current career roles. A huge thank you is extended to all of those visitors who generously gave up their time to enrich the experiences of the children at Fens Primary.

'Aspire 2 Be' - EDF Energy Hartlepool Power Station workshop with Year 5  

Our Year 5 children enjoyed an afternoon with two visitors from Hartlepool Power Station. This workshop involved the children working in teams and independently, considering their own likes, skills and aspirations. Thank you to our visitors for sharing your expertise with us. 

'Aspire 2 Be' - Careers and Aspirations Half Term 

Our 'Aspire 2 Be' half term kicked off with a bang as we welcomed George Fouche and his 'Dare to Aspire Roadshow' to Fens Primary. George shared the interactive story of his life and experiences that demonstrated to children that no matter what life throws at you if you hold your "big dreams" in your heart and practice resilience you will succeed. Children enjoyed the whole school assembly and Y4, Y5 and Y6 participated in workshops that shared the 10 key attributes to living a successful life. We look forward to welcoming more visitors as the half term progresses. 

 Dear Parents/Carers,

School will open as normal tomorrow morning (05.03.18). Please take care on your journey to and from school as there is still a great deal of snow and ice on the ground.



Dear Parents/Carers,

After advice from the local authority and taking heed of local weather warnings, we have decided to remain closed on Friday 2nd March. Once again, apologies for any inconvenience this causes you, but the safety of our children and staff is paramount.



Dear Parents/Carers,

Unfortunately, due to the severe weather conditions, the school will be closed tomorrow (01.03.18). Our World Book Day and Writing Week events and celebrations will be postponed until a future date. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. 


Dear Parents/Carers,

Unfortunately, due to the severe weather conditions, the school is closed today. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. We will inform you as soon as possible regarding tomorrow.


Christmas Performances

We would like to thank you all again for joining us for our Christmas Performances.  The proceeds of

£805.86 from the sale of the tickets will be donated to a range of charities.

Writing Week, School Book Fair and World Book Day

These three events will be combined into an exciting literary week. The Writing Week will take place during the week beginning Monday 26th February, and the Book Fair will take place after school each evening from Friday 23rd February to Thursday 1st March inclusive. World Book Day will be celebrated on Thursday 1st March, and we will also hold our Celebration Event for parents after school on 1st March to coincide with both World Book Day and the last evening of the Book Fair. We look forward to seeing you in school during that period; Mrs Keen will be in touch shortly with further information.

Class/Group Photographs

Would you please note that class and group photographs (groups being, for example, music groups and sport teams) will be taken on Tuesday 17th April, 2018.


This year’s SATs for Y6 pupils take place during the week commencing Monday 14th May, 2018 through to Friday 18th May, 2018.

Y1 Phonics Screening (and re-tests for Y2 children who fell short in Y1)

The Y1 Phonics Screening Tests will take place during the week beginning Monday 11th June, 2018.

PD Days

Would you please note that the school will be closed on Friday 29th June, 2018 for a PD day.

Free School Meals

Could we please, once again, encourage any parents who think they may be eligible for Free School Meals to claim them as it generates a great deal of funding for the school.  Please note that children are not identified in any way as being in receipt of Free School Meals.  For further information please contact the school office.

Important new arrangements for the Summer Half-Term Holiday, 2019

Please note that the following applies to NEXT academic year, not the current one.

A significant factor in keeping our average attendance figures a little below where we would like them to be is that of term-time holidays. Many school sessions are being lost to absences due to children being taken out of school for family holidays, so next year we would like to put in measures to help parents book cheaper holidays without their children missing school.

Schools have to organise five PD days across the course of an academic year, and these are usually placed at different time points. However, next year, we intend to take all five of our PD days together in one week straight after the summer half term (Whit Week) holiday, meaning that there will be a break from school for a fortnight next year at that time. This will thus give parents the chance to book their holidays at more favourable rates without having to remove their child/children from school.

To summarise, this is what we intend to do:

Summer Half-Term Holiday (Whit Week)       Mon 27th May – Fri 31st May, 2019

PD day week (school closed)                             Mon 3rd June – Fri 7th June, 2019

School re-opens                                                  Mon 10th June, 2019

We very much hope that you will take the opportunity to use this fortnight for holidays next year, and try your hardest to avoid school time; this way no children will lose any days of schooling to term-time vacations.

Aspirations Half-Term

Another exciting feature of the second half-term of the Spring Term (Mon 19th Feb to Thurs 29th March) is that we will be designating it an ‘aspirations’ half-term which will go by the title ‘Aspire 2 Be’. A range of visits and visitors have been organised with the intention of giving children a host of opportunities to find out about the possibilities that exist for them in the world of work when they are older. This is very much intended as a ‘seed-sowing’ initiative, as there is a good deal of evidence to suggest that ‘seeds sown’ or interests developed at primary school age often bear significant fruit once the children become adults.

Mr Bryson will be in contact with further information in the new half-term.

Dates for your diary

Mon 12th Feb – Fri 16th Feb, 2018 School closed for half-term holiday

Mon 19th Feb School re-opens

Fri 23rd Feb – Thurs 1st March Book Fair

Writing Week Mon 26th Feb – Fri 2nd March

Thurs 1st March World Book Day and Writing Week Celebration Event               

Mon 26th March Parental Consultation Session (3.40-5.30pm)

Wed 28th March Parental Consultation Session (5.00-7.30pm)              

Thursday 29th March, 2018 Last day of Spring Term

Fri 30th March – Fri 13th April, 2018 School closed for Easter Holiday

Mon 16th April, 2018 Children return for the start of Summer Term

Tues 17th April Class and Group Photos

Mon 7th May Bank Holiday – School closed

Mon 14th – Fri 18th May Y6 SATs week

May 2017 Y2 SATs & assessment period

Mon 28th May – Fri 1st June, 2018 Half Term Holiday – School closed

Mon 4th June, 2018 School re-opens  

11th – 15th June Y1 Phonics screening test week

Fri 29th June PD Day – School closed

Tues 3rd July Summer Discos (R/KS1: 4.15-5.30pm KS2: 5.45-7.15pm)

Fri 6th July Y6 children leave Fens (secondary transition fortnight begins Mon 9th July)

Fri 20th July, 2018 Last day of term – School closes at 3.20pm




Dear Parents/Carers,

We are delighted to announce that our blue and white non uniform day in support of Hartlepool United FC raised £591.37.

A huge thanks for your generous donations.

Mr Keen has been in communication with Hartlepool Mail and it is anticipated that there will be an article in today's (26.01.18) edition, that will hopefully drum up even more support for the club.

Many thanks,

Mr Cornforth

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and give you our best wishes for a peaceful ‘New Year’! We have a had a wonderful start to the festive season at Fens and would like to thank you all for your help and support whilst preparing for our parties, performances, discos and other Christmas related activities.

Christmas Jumper Day is proving to be a roaring success, and the children are sporting some lovely eye-catching items of clothing. Thank you for your generous donations; they will make a huge difference to Save the Children and those it supports.

A huge thank you also for all of the lovely gifts and cards that the staff have received.

We look forward to seeing you all next year and wait in anticipation of the coming joys of 2018!

Merry Christmas,

Mr Cornforth


Upcoming Events

Tues 5th December, 2017                                  Discos KS1 4.15 – 5.30pm, KS2 5.45 – 7.15pm.

Tues 12th December, 2017                                Nursery and Reception Performance 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Wed 13th December, 2017                                KS1 Performance 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Thurs 14th December, 2017                               KS2 Performance 1.45pm.

Fri 15th December, 2017                                   KS2 Performances 9.45 am and 1.45 pm.

Mon 18th December, 2017                                Year 1 and Year 5 Parties.

Tues 19th December, 2017                                Year 2 and Year 6 Parties.

Wed 20th December, 2017                                Reception and Year 4 Parties

Thurs 21st December, 2017                               Nursery and Year 3 Parties.

Friday 22nd December, 2017                             Last day of Autumn Term

25th December – 5th January                             School closed for Christmas Holiday

Monday 8th January, 2018                                Children return for start of Spring Term

Mon 12th Feb – Fri 16th Feb, 2018                    School closed for half-term holiday

Thursday 29th March, 2018                               Last day of Spring Term

Fri 30th March – Fri 13th April, 2018                School closed for Easter Holiday

Monday 16th April, 2018                                   Children return for start of Summer Term

Friday 29th June, 2018                                       PD Day - school closed



Dear Parents/Carers,

This year we will once again be supporting Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day. Nationally, the date is Friday 15th December. At Fens, however, we are holding our Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 22nd December. As our Key Stage 2 children will be staging both morning and afternoon performances of their Christmas show on the 15th, they will be spending most of the day in costume. As a result, we will support Save the Children on the last day of term, and the children can wear a Christmas Jumper, t-shirt or other festive item of clothing to school. Please note that the rules regarding jewellery and hair colour still apply.

If you would like to send in a small donation to support Save the Children, this would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Mr Connor



Please click on the link below to access and log on to the 'Letter Join' website. The required user name and password has already been sent home.



Details to log on using tablets will be sent out on 03/11/17.



Tomorrow morning (27.09.17), we will be supporting National Fitness Day, with their aim to 'achieve a UK first, by supporting 10, 000 schools to get pupils moving for ten minutes at 10am'.

At 10am we will involve the whole school in a variety of fitness activities. Y5J, when they return from a school trip, and Nursery pm children will do their activities on the afternoon.


At present, we have a variety of lost property items belonging to our pupils. If your child is missing any items of school uniform/clothing, please call in and look through the selection we have. Please do so by 06.10.17 (after this time, any remaining items will be disposed of appropriately).



Dear Parents/Carers,  

Again, we are proud to receive the Active Gold Award 2017 as an acknowledgment of our commitment to PE and School Sport.

The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme used to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.

Last year, all of our KS2 children were involved in sporting competitions within school. A high percentage of children represented the school and cluster group in competitions across the town, while some children went on to represent the town at district level.

We are delighted with the 'Gold Award' and will continue with our hard work, commitment and dedication to PE and school sport.




Dear Parents/Carers,

On Friday 29th September we will be supporting the world’s biggest coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. We are supporting this charity by holding a cake sale in the Bousfield Learning Suite.

The cake sale will take place on the morning and afternoon of Friday 29th September. We will open the doors of the Bousfield Suite, which is on the KS1 playground, for you to come and buy a cake or two. Doors will open at 8:40am and 3:15 pm

We would be very grateful if you could donate some cakes to help support this event. We kindly ask for cake donations to be brought into school on Thursday 28th September. These can be sent in with your child to be given to their class teacher.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Mrs Keen and Mrs Connor


Dear Parents/Carers,

Please read below and email sent to school from Hartlepool's Strategic Commissioner (Education & Children's Services) Rachel Smith. Please note that the survey is open until Tuesday 25th July.

Emotional Wellbeing of Children and Young People - Parent/Carer Survey
We have been involved in developing the Hartlepool element of the Hartlepool and Stockton On Tees Transformation Locality Plan, in response to the Future in Mind document published by NHS England in March 2015.
As part of this process we have undertaken a significant amount of research to understand what the key priorities are, which groups are most vulnerable and to inform future commissioning plans.
We have already carried out surveys with schools, providers, children and young people.  The most recent survey is asking for parents and carers to provide feedback on their views about the emotional wellbeing of their children, and ways in which we can work together to ensure that all Hartlepool children and young people receive the support they need.
The purpose of this survey is to understand;
·       what good emotional wellbeing and mental health should look like in Hartlepool;
·       to identify the gaps and issues in our current service provision;
·       to plan what arrangement of services we need to put in place to meet the needs of children and young people, now and in the future.
The findings from this survey will be used together with other information to help plan a broader emotional wellbeing and mental health service to children and young people.
To access the survey please use the link

Dear Parents/Carers,

In addition to the letter sent out dated 8th June, 2017 can we again remind you that the staff car park is for staff only. Parents/carers are not allowed to use the car park under any circumstances, unless prior arrangement has been made with the school office.

Please also note that because of health and safety concerns caused by increasing congestion, parents will no longer be allowed to use the car park to drop children off for Breakfast Club or for picking up from after school activities.

Please adhere to these rules. At times, staff members are unable to park up and are being blocked in, and most importantly, lately, we have had children being left in the car park by parents on a morning, thus potentially crating a serious safeguarding issue. Although this has previously been addressed, incidents are still occurring.

We again ask for your cooperation and support regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mr C P Cornforth


Upcoming Events

Year 3 Sea Life Centre/Tynemouth Aquarium Visit (12.06.17)

Year 5 Author Visit - Gwyneth Rees (16.06.17)

Arts Week (19-23.06.17)

Summer Fair 3.30-5pm (23.06.17) 

Year 6 Teesmouth Field Centre Visit 9am-3pm(27.06.17)

EYFS & KS1 Disco 4.15-5.30pm (27.06.17)

KS2 Disco 5.45-7.15pm (27.06.17)

Key Stage 1 & 2 Sports Day (1.30pm) (28.06.17)

Nursery (morning) Sports Day 9.15am (28.06.17)

Nursery (afternoon) Sports Day 1.15am (28.06.17)

PD Day (29.06.17) School will be closed

PD Day (30.06.17) School will be closed

E-Safety Parent Event 3.40pm (04.07.17)

Year 1 Beamish Visit 9am-3pm (06.07.17)

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly 5-6pm (06.07.17)

Year 5 Summerhill Visit 9am-3pm (11.07.17)

Year 4 Beamish Visit 9am-3pm (13.07.17)

Year 2 Captain Cook Birthplace Museum Visit 9am-3pm (14.07.17)

Parental Consultations 3.30-5pm (19.07.17)

School finishes for summer 3.20pm (21.07.17)



Email Address

Please note the change of our school email address to:

This has been changed on the 'Contact Us' page of this website and notification will be posted on our school app. The email address on our home page needs to be changed by our site technician and will be altered as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Chris Connor


World Book Day 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

‘World Book Day 2017’ will be celebrated in school on Friday 3rd March this year. In order to enhance and enrich our celebration of books and reading children (and staff) may choose from one of the following ideas:

  • Come to school dressed in a simple costume as a character from a favourite book.

  • Wear, or bring, an item which will be a clue for us to guess a book character (e.g. scarf for Harry Potter, red shoes for Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz).

  • Creatively make a book character or book scene at home (in recent years the children have made potato characters, shoe box and paper plate 3D scenes and book covers) and bring it to school.

Whatever your child chooses, we will have a magical day reading and celebrating a world filled with fabulous books!

In addition, each child will receive a £1 book token which can be used to buy one of the specially produced books, or towards any book worth £2.99 or more.

More information about World Book Day, games, ideas for costumes and lots of great tips for story writing can be found at

Many thanks for all your support.


Mrs J Kashouris

(English Subject Leader)


Diary Dates

3rd March                           

World Book Day celebration

13th – 17th March             

Science Week (Celebration Event for Parents -17th March, 3.30-4.30pm)

27th March                           

Parental Consultation Session (3.40-5.30pm)

29th March                         

Parental Consultation Session (5.00-7.30pm)              

10th April – 21st April       

Easter Holiday – School closed

10th & 11th April                

Y6 Easter School

24th April                            

School re-opens

25th April                            

Class and Group Photos

Monday 1st May                 

Bank Holiday – School closed

8th – 12th May                   

Y6 SAT week

May 2017                           

Y2 SATs & assessment period

29th May – 2nd June            

Half Term Holiday – School closed

5th June                               

School re-opens  

12th – 16th June                 

Y1 Phonics screening test week

27th June                             

Summer Discos (EY/KS1: 4.15-5.30pm KS2: 5.45-7.15pm)

29th June & 30th June         

P D Days – School closed

21st July                               

Last day of term – School closes at 3.20pm


Dear Parents/Carers,

Many thanks to those of you who were able attended our 'Reading Evening' on 26.01.17. We had a great turn out and are extremely pleased about the information shared and the further interaction between home and school.

As promised, please find below a link to the presentation shown on the evening:

Reading Evening Presentation

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call in, or contact the school and we will help in any way possible.

Thank you.

Mr Cornforth


Dear Parents/Carers,

Back in October, you once again gave your support to our local foodbank following a letter sent out which contained the following information:

After the success of last year, we are hoping to support our local foodbank again, as part of our harvest celebrations.

Trussell Trust foodbanks provide three days of emergency food to local individuals and families in crisis. Frontline care professionals including health visitors, social workers and school liaison officers refer people who are facing hunger to the foodbank. 

As well as receiving nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food parcels, people visiting the foodbank are welcomed with a cup of tea, listened to and signposted to agencies who are able to help resolve the underlying cause of the problem.

By donating to the foodbank you can help support local people in crisis.

In 2015, your food donations weighed an impressive 327kg. We have just been notified, and are delighted to tell you, that last October you donations weighed 549.9 kg!

Thank you all so much; we cannot stress what a difference this will make!

You should all be very proud indeed.

Mr Connor


Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like this opportunity to wish you all a 'Happy New Year!'

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and offer you our wishes for a fantastic 2017.

All the very best for the year ahead!

Mr Cornforth



Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to thank you for helping support Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day. Together we raised a fantastic £209.30! Thank you so much and well done! Your contributions will really make a difference to those who need it.

Mr Cornforth


Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for your help and support in the run up to Christmas. From discos, to productions and parties, your efforts have helped to ensure we have all had a wonderful  festive period so far!

As a reminder, we will return to school on Tuesday 3rd of January 2017. We are very excited regarding our visit (for our Reception, KS1 and KS2 children) to Billingham Forum to see their pantomime 'Jack and the Beanstalk' on the afternoon of Wednesday 4th January 2017. We can now conform that we will be returning to school at approximately 4.30pm. As stated in our recent newsletter, the Friends of Fens committee, who are treating the children to this visit, have not forgotten our Nursery pupils and are arranging a treat for them in the new year.

Please click on the link below to download a letter from Mr Cornforth for further details regarding the visit.

Pantomime Letter

We would like to wish you all a very 'Happy Christmas' and a restful 'New Year'.

All the very best (and Ho Ho Ho!),

Mr Connor


Please view our 'Christmas 2016' page to see photographs from our three Christmas shows.



As a school, we have compiled a list of twenty books, for each year group, that we believe your child should read. The books have been chosen because they are fun, exciting, engaging and will improve your child's reading skills.


The full list, for each year group, can be found on your child's year group page. Year group pages can be found by clicking on your child's key stage at the bottom of the home page and then selecting their specific year group.


Happy reading!

Simon Bartram - Author Visit

Reception, Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 children enjoyed a fantastic visit by Simon Bartram, author of "Man on the Moon".  They were able to buy their own copies and get it signed by the author.  Thank you, Simon for a lively and enjoyable insight into the world of writing and illustrating books.  Thank you too to the library service for organising the event as part of the Northern Children's Book Festival. 

Dear Parents/Carers,

Below are some important dates for your diary:

Fri 18th November, 2016                                    Children in Need – Non-Uniform Day.

Tues 29th November, 2016                                 Discos KS1 4.15 – 5.30pm, KS2 5.45 – 7.15pm.

Tues 6th December, 2016                                   Nursery and Reception Performance 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Wed 7th December, 2016                                    KS1 Performance 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Thurs 8th December, 2016                                  KS2 Performance 1.45pm.

Fri 9th December, 2016                                       KS2 Performance 9.45 am and 1.45 pm.

Mon 12th December, 2016                                  Nursery and Year 3 Party.

Tues 13th December, 2016                                  Reception and Year 4 Party.

Wed 14th December, 2016                                  Year 2 and Year 6 Party.

Thurs 15th December, 2016                                Year 1 and Year 5 Party.

Fri 16th December, 2016                                    Last day of term.

Tues 3rd January, 2017                                       School re-opens.


Dear Parent, Carers and the Fens Community,

We are so proud to inform you all of our most recent and exciting news. Fens Primary School has been awarded two extremely well-deserved awards, which showcase the determination of our staff (to provide children with the very best education possible), and the talents and skills of pupils (who allattend school with an unsurpassed drive and determination to succeed).

Activemark Gold Award 


Fens School is very proud to announce their Activemark Gold Award 2016.

The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme used to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.

All of our KS2 children were involved in sporting competitions within school throughout the year 2015-2016 with a high percentage of children also representing the school and cluster group. Some of our children even went on to represent the town. We are delighted with the Gold Award which acknowledges the hard work, commitment and dedication to PE and school sport of the staff and pupils at Fens. Well done everyone!  


Primary Science Quality Mark Silver Award

Primary Science Quality Awards have been awarded to 270 infant, junior, primary, middle and special schools to celebrate a commitment to excellence in science teaching and learning.  So far, since its national launch in 2010, over 2000 schools across the UK have achieved the award.

The Primary School Quality Mark scheme enables schools to work together to share good practice and is supported by professional development led by local experts. It encourages teacher autonomy and innovation while at the same time offering a clear framework for development in science subject leadership, teaching and learning.

The Primary Science Quality Mark is led by the University of Hertfordshire School of Education in partnership with the Primary Science Teaching Trust. It is supported by the Royal Society for Chemistry, the Ogden Trust and the Association for Science Education.

Jane Turner, PSQM National Director said: “Gaining a Primary Science Quality Award is a significant achievement for a school.  The profile and quality of science teaching and learning in each awarded school is very high. Children are engaging with great science both in and outside the classroom, developing positive attitudes towards science as well as secure science understanding and skills. Science subject leaders, their colleagues, head teachers, children, parents and governors should be very proud.”



Dear Parents/Carers,

Many thanks for your help and support in getting our new academic year off to a flying start! The pupils look super smart and are raring to go. Our new starters have settle in well and the buzz around school is electric. We are certainly looking forward to the autumn term ahead.

As always, if you have any questions, or areas we can support you with, then please call by any time or phone the school to make an appointment.

Many thanks,

Mr Cornforth


Fens Book Launch

Staff at Fens had a fantastic afternoon at Seven Stories in Newcastle trawling the shelves for interesting and exciting books that would engage children of all ages. We, as a school, held an assembly to share the new books with the children. Mr Cornforth introduced the assembly and other members of staff read a part of their favourite children's book to inspire children to read more and develop a greater love of reading.

British Heart Foundation Sponsored Skip Event

We are very pleased to announce that the total amount of money raised at the recent sponsored skip event was £ 4697.80. We thank everyone who donated for their generosity and support and again a very well done to the pupils of Fens School.

Sports Relief 2016

Sports Relief.

Every pupil in Fens School ran a mile in support of Sports Relief.  Children brought in donations and altogether we raised £413.68. Thank you and well done to all involved!



Book of the Month



Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell


This month’s book is a quirky, moving award-winning adventure, suitable for KS2.  Reminiscent of Noel Streatfield and Lemony Snicket in its strong, if slightly eccentric, characters and The Invention of Hugo Caberet in its half-real, half-fantasy Paris setting, it tells the story of Sophie and her quest to find her mother, using only the address of the cello maker, in whose case Sophie was found floating on the English Channel, wrapped in a Beethoven score. 


Her journey takes her into the world of the rooftoppers - homeless urchins who tightrope walk above the busy streets below, dining on pigeons and snails alongside the gargoyles and bell tower of Notre Dame.